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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Company For Your New Kitchen

How to choose right kitchen company

When renovating a kitchen there are many things to consider - the design, how it is constructed and manufactured and how the kitchen is installed are all important. For such a big investment it is important to understand that not all kitchen companies work the same.

Let us help you. Here are some of the things that are important to consider to find a reliable and qualified kitchen company.

Right Kitchen Company

How to Spot a Reliable Kitchen Company

A reliable kitchen company:

1. Offers a warranty for their kitchen cabinets

2. Has the ability to not only design, but to and construct, manufacture and install custom kitchen cabinets – not relying on one size fits all

3. Transparent in telling how, where and when your kitchen is being completed and where their raw materials are sourced.

4. Prepared with solutions for any potential challenges they may encounter during the project

5. Presents client testimonials and portfolios of previous work done

6. Allows the client time to make decisions and doesn’t pressure them into signing a contract


Right Kitchen Company For Your New KitchenNOTE: It is also worthy to ask where they get their raw materials from. With the onset of COVID-19, it is best if the raw materials are locally sourced. This will not only speed up the production, but it will also be helpful to local industries.

If you find a kitchen company who has these qualities, then you have found a reliable and qualified partner to make your kitchen renovation project a success. Learn more about Sir Lancelot’s Kitchens services including kitchen design.  See some of our kitchen designs here.


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