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Why Buy Australian When It Comes to Your Kitchen

We can all make a positive impact by buying Australian Made. In these uncertain times it is even more important to unite and together champion all things that are great about Australia.  Choosing an Australian made kitchen manufactured in Australia from Australian products is no different.

Why Buy Australian When It Comes to Your Kitchen

Why is buying Australian made kitchen so important?


Here are five good reasons for you to consider.

5 Advantages of Buying Australian Made Materials


If you haven’t bought any Australian made products in a while, you are missing a lot of good stuff.

1. Top Quality Products

Why buy products made outside of Australia when you can get the same quality, if not better, products produced by Australian businesses?


How can we guarantee this?


Australian made products undergo stringent safety standards to ensure the materials used to make them are of topnotch quality. This is especially true for building materials, since you, your children, extended family, friends and pets will all have daily contact it’s always reassuring knowing these safety standards exist to protect us.


Many other countries don’t have these consumer protections. Appearances can be deceiving. It might look the same as an Australian Made Product, but without these stringent safe manufacturing process and quality products, what something may seem like on the surface might not actually be true.


2. Supports the Australian Economy

When you buy Australian Made Products for your new kitchen or kitchen renovation projects, you are supporting both the local economy and local jobs.




This is an illustration of how much you are contributing to the Australian economy:

Supports the Australian Economy

By buying and using local products, your money stays within the community which makes the economy stronger.

3. Reliable warranties and guarantees

Dealing with warranty issues can take your time, especially with foreign products who have offices overseas. At times, it can even result in realising there is no warranty at all. 


With Australian Made Products, you can rest assured that you are working with reliable warranties and guarantees.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission states that:


Businesses must guarantee products and services they sell, hire or lease for:


  • under $40 000
  • over $40 000 that are normally bought for personal or household use.


As for products, it states that:


Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:

  • safe, lasting, with no faults
  • look acceptable
  • do all the things someone would normally expect them to do.


If you have disputes with any of these, you can easily file for a repair, replacement, refund, cancellation or compensation.


This would be very difficult with products bought overseas or with services provided by a non-Australian entity.


4. Enjoy lower freight cost and faster delivery

Do you know that the cost to transport the goods you purchase are added to your invoice?

By choosing a locally manufactured kitchen sourcing locally manufactured products, the cost is directed to higher quality products rather than inferior products with added transport costs.

5. Reduces environmental impact with faster delivery

Shorter transportation for products also means less emissions. By simply choosing locally made you choose being eco-friendly. And it goes without saying, buying local means faster delivery.


Go Support Australian Made Products

Buying and using Australian Made Products is one way of showing your love and support for Australia. It also allows you to contribute to the growth of your local community.


So, every time you buy anything Australian Made think of it as your way of helping the community survive, especially during these trying times.

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