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Let’s explore Donna and Kerwin’s new kitchen…    

Donna and Kerwin came to see us at Sir Lancelot’s Kitchens Toowoomba to enquire about a new kitchen.

Donna and Kerwin’s existing kitchen:-

Donna And Kerwin Existing Kitchen 01 Donna And Kerwin Existing Kitchen 02

 After considering options available Donna and Kerwin decided on the following layout and design:


Layout and Design


Layout And Design


3D Web Kitchen Design 01

3D Web Kitchen Design 02 

Styling and Finishes:

Once the layout and design features were decided Donna and Kerwin viewed the styling and finishing options available. After considering the look and durability that Donna and Kerwin were after the following styling and finishing options were selected.


Bench Tops:Caesarstone Stone ‘Almond Rocca’

Doors, Panels and Drawers:Polytec ‘Classic White’ Sheen Finish

End Gable / Feature Colour:Laminex ‘Ebony Macassar 272’ Gloss Finish

Sink:Undermount Oliveri – Monet ‘MO70U’

Joinery Features:Shadow Line to Island Bench

 Tall Wine Rack

Hardware Features:Blum Tandem Box Sink Drawer Unit

Dual Rubbish Bin

Appliance Cupboard:Tambortech Roller Shutter

Handles:Nikpol Bauhaus Brushed Nickel


Appliances:Donna and Kerwin purchased appliances directly from retailer


Kitchen Manufacture:

Donna and Kerwin’s kitchen was manufactured at our workshop at 13 Mort Street, Toowoomba by Sir Lancelot’s Kitchens’ qualified, experienced cabinet makers using the highest quality hardware and manufacturing techniques.


Kitchen Installation:

Donna and Kerwin’s kitchen was installed over a week allowing for the removal of the existing kitchen and wall and attending to modifications as required with the design plan. The stone mason then came to template the kitchen for the selected stone bench top to fit exactly to the finished kitchen. The Caesarstone bench top was installed by the stone mason. The plumber, electrician and painter came on site to complete required works.

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