The popularity of open-concept designs in modern homes has caused many to look into the timeless elegance and functionality of a Butler Sink. Together with the latest Shaker Style Kitchen, a Butler Sink is a popular choice.

The Butler Sink is Making a Comeback
Why is this so? How will you know if adding a butler sink to your kitchen is the right choice? Here are some of its features for you to consider.

What is a Butler Sink?

A butler sink is a white ceramic sink which was originally used in a butler’s pantry in London. Typically, a butler sink is wide and deep which can fit large dishes and can include even small kids. This was designed to encourage water conservation in during the 18th century.

Today, the butler sink is making a comeback thanks to the open designs of many modern homes where a butler’s sink can make a statement of its own in the kitchen, now used not only to prepare meals but as a place to socialise and entertain.

The simplicity and elegance of a butler sink as part of the shaker style kitchen make this the perfect choice for many modern homeowners as it delivers the following benefits:

1. It is functional.

The spacious design of a butler sink allows households to wash large pots, casserole, and utensils. This includes cleaning kitchen appliances such as blenders, juicers, food processors and slow cookers.

2. It carries a timeless elegance.

Butler sink’s colour and classic design can surely contest and mix with various kitchen styles, especially Shaker Style cabinets. No wonder this has been the chosen kitchen design of many celebrities including Britney Spears, Beyonce and Jay-Z, as well as Brook Shields.

You can choose from three butler sink styles, namely:

The Belfast: large bowl + overflow for water drainage (the true traditional style Butler Sink)

Double Butler Sink: large double bowl sink (smaller than the Belfast)

Fluted Fireclay Sink: large bowl sink featuring fluted decorative apron at the front

3. Durable quality

Most butler sinks are made of fireclay ceramic which is covered with a non-porous glaze. This makes the butlers sink a popular choice with its durability including stain and scratch proof qualities. It is also heatproof, impact-resistant and easy to clean, allowing it to last for a long period.

How Does the Butler Sink Fit into a Shaker Kitchen Style?

Now that you know what a butler sink is, let’s talk about the Shaker Style Kitchen and how a Butler Sink fits perfectly into the Shaker Kitchen design.

How Does the Butler Sink Fit into a Shaker Kitchen Style

Shaker Style Kitchens are easily recognised because of their timeless simplicity. It is devoid from any ornamentations and veneers. Thus, there are no shiny ornaments, glaring designs or funky materials added to it. This makes the butler sink including dark coloured ones, a perfect sink for the Shaker Kitchen style.

Some of its other features of the Shaker Kitchen Style include:

The use of neutral natural colours.

The common colours associated with Shaker Style kitchens, especially its cabinets are white and clean or earthy tones including beiges and clay colours. This can be mixed with mellow blues, aubergine purples or duck-egg teals.

So just imagine how your new black butler sink will look if combined with these features.

The use of neutral natural colours

The use of simple handles

The timeless simplicity of the Shaker Style Kitchen comes through in simple handle choices. The use of stainless steel, brass or matt black handles, knobs and pulls keep in with the clean classic Shaker Style matched perfectly with the timeless elegance of the Butlers Sink.

The use of simple handles

Compliment natural toned benchtop

The fireclay Butler Sink and earthy tones of the Shaker Style is complimented with either a stone or timber bench top. These natural tones keep in with the timeless elegance of the Shaker Style.

Compliment natural toned benchtop


So, is it time for you to renovate your kitchen into a Shaker Style with a Butler Sink? Classic elegance for your kitchen. At Sir Lancelot’s Kitchens we are happy to help design your perfect kitchen whatever your style.

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